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Dr. Lisa provides individual sessions and group workshops in Arizona and throughout the U.S. Individual sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or using FaceTime or Skype. Sessions are often done through a surrogate. (Dr. Lisa only works through a surrogate when she intuits that the other person’s High Self gives permission for the healing.)

Her sessions are most beneficial for people who feel stuck, who feel that nothing they have tried has been effective, and for people who are interested in enhancing their current treatment with a non-medical approach. It is helpful to come into her sessions with an open heart, open mind, and willing spirit. A person doesn’t have to totally believe in reincarnation to benefit from her work, but some openness to the possibility of past lives is necessary. (Having too much doubt about this important aspect of her work would be like “hitting the delete key” on the healing.) Dr. Lisa’s work is beneficial for anyone who is ready and open to change, who can be pro-active, and who is willing to follow through with simple and effective instructions to reinforce the healing work. Dr. Lisa’s healing progresses at the rate which each individual can handle; her goal is to have people move forward in their lives “with grace and ease.”

Choose your Session

A session with Dr. Lisa is like a “spa day” for the body, mind, and soul. During an individual session she does a complete body, mind, and soul scan of the client, identifying and clearing blocks

  • 90 min. session: the client can ask about three of their specific concerns in all the same area or different areas. This is the most comprehensive and best opportunity to move forward in a healthy way in your life.
  • 60 min. session: the client can ask about two of their specific concerns in all the same area or different areas. This is for someone who only has a few key areas of concern and may want to ease into wellness.

After either a 90 min or 60 min. session, additional sessions can be scheduled typically another 60 min or the opportunity for fine tuning with the following:

  • 30 min. session: the client has an opportunity to identify a specific issue that has been unearthed after a full session, need intuitive advice, may feel stuck, or need the time for additional healing or earthly recommendations.
  • 15 min. session : the client has an opportunity to identify one issue that has arisen, or feels stuck in one area, and have it quickly identified and healed.

    General instructions are provided and need to be carefully followed to insure that the benefits of the session sustain and continue. Homework is often assigned and might include affirmations, meditations, specific supplements or flower essences, dietary changes, etc. She asks clients to determine their need for additional sessions based on their response as indicated above.

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