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Is Fear Hijacking Your Serenity?

All of us have fear from time to time. As most of us would agree, there’s good fear that helps keep us from danger and then there’s the unhealthy fear that negatively affects our spirit–bringing with it stress and anxiety. And yet sometimes it might be challenging for us to separate them both.

Ultimately, it’s our actions that tell the tale of which way our soul or spirit is leaning–either from love or fear according to Biblical and Buddist teachings.

In fact, here are numerous differences between LOVE and (fear) according to “Tiny Buddha”–putting many of these emotions into perspective: LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL (fear is conditional) LOVE IS STRONG (fear is weak) LOVE RELEASES (fear obligates) LOVE SURRENDERS (fear binds) LOVE IS HONEST (fear is deceitful) LOVE TRUSTS (fear suspects) LOVE ALLOWS (fear dictates) LOVE GIVES (fear resists) LOVE FORGIVES (fear blames) LOVE IS COMPASSIONATE (fear pities) LOVE CHOOSES (fear avoids) LOVE IS KIND (fear is angry) LOVE IGNITES (fear incites) LOVE CREATES (fear negates) LOVE HEALS (fear hurts) LOVE IS MAGIC (fear is superstitious) LOVE ENERGIZES (fear saps) LOVE IS AN ELIXIR (fear is a poison) LOVE INSPIRES (fear worries) LOVE IS PATIENT (fear is nervous) LOVE IS BRAVE (fear is afraid) LOVE IS RELAXED (fear is pressured) LOVE IS BLIND (fear is judgmental) LOVE RESPECTS (fear disregards) LOVE ACCEPTS (fear rejects) LOVE DREAMS (fear schemes) LOVE WANTS TO PLAY (fear needs to control and bully) LOVE ENJOYS (fear suffers) LOVE FREES (fear imprisons) LOVE BELIEVES (fear deceives) LOVE “WANTS” (fear “needs”).

These days we have many fears–fear of terrorism, fear of death, fear of being separated from people we love, fear of losing control, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of losing our job, fear of people different than ourselves, fear of the outcome of our political environment and now our newest fear–the corona virus from China–the list is never-ending!

According to Buddhist teachings, many of our present fears are rooted in “delusions” – distorted ways of looking at ourselves and the world around us.

Here are some helpful acronyms:
F E A R: False Evidence Appearing Real
L O V E: Let Others Voluntarily Evolve

Let’s look more closely at a few of these that are high on my list and what we realistically have control of:

Coronavirus: the truth of the matter is that viruses don’t need passports or visas. Even though there is no current immunization available to protect us from this virus–what else can we do–bottom line, good infection control practices (i.e. good handwashing and covering our coughs and sneezes); build a healthy immune system through a good diet and healthy gut (where the majority of our immune system resides; if a temperature and cough erupt, seclude yourself as much as possible until symptoms pass.

Political Outcome: Sadly enough, even though fear seems to have hijacked our recent political process due to bullying potential and/or loss of positions or identity. Moving forward we need to stay informed to the point of not being consumed–minimizing social media–viewing it all objectively. Hope springs eternal! Get involved and VOTE!

Death: Even though it’s inevitable for all of us it’s not easy to think about and there’s fear of the unknown. I think of those beautiful life-after-death accounts and often think–OK, Scottie–I’m tired of this brouhaha–beam me up! (smile)

Admittedly, since I’m quite the realist–what helps my fear level in many of these issues is knowing that we are all children of God/our Higher Power and ultimately whatever happens I have faith that it’s all occurring as it needs to under that divine plan. So let’s do what we can and beyond that–let go and let God.
When our actions are rooted in love, we come from a place of spiritual fullness, self-security and serenity. Love gives us a deep desire to give from our spiritual abundance and foster unity.
Living in constant fear is toxic to our energy field. It drains us and keeps us from being our best selves. Many people live with a chronic underlying fear that they aren’t ‘good’ enough (or pretty enough or smart enough or rich enough). Unchecked, this fear can lead to low self-esteem or even cruel behavior such as bullying– like a wounded animal.
Warriors–today, let’s do our best to live consciously. Recognize the motives for our actions and let love do the guiding, not fear. And when our fear starts to dissolve–notice an improvement in overall energy levels and feelings of serenity. Not only will it feel amazing to live in this higher vibration, but we will be sharing our light to everyone we meet.