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Gotta Feel it to Heal it–Blooming with Grace

Music can do so much to soothe the savage soul–or is it beast? A song by Van Morrison called “Stranded” for me continues to touch many emotions for me these days. I was introduced to it several years ago, however, it couldn’t be more poignant than now–and possibly for you as well. Here are the lyrics:

I’m stranded at the edge of the world
It’s a world I don’t know
Got nowhere to go
Feels like I’m stranded

And I’m stranded between that ol’ devil and the deep blue sea
And nobody’s gonna tell me, tell me what, what time it is

Everyday, everyday, it’s hustle, hustle time, hustle time
Everyday and every way, one more, one more mountain to climb

It’s leaving me stranded
In my own little island
With my eyes open wide
But I’m feeling stranded

Every, every, everyday, it’s hustle time
Every way, one more mountain to climb

I’m stranded between the devil and the deep blue sea
There ain’t no where else to be
Except right here and I’m stranded
And yes, I can hear some of you say that this doesn’t seem like a very positive message, Sherry–so what are we to take from this?
It seems that as this funky health pandemic evolves and now we have the added stressor of racial inequality and subsequent violence with yet another pandemic, I cannot lie–my emotional rollercoaster is alive and well–and again, I have a feeling that I’m not the “Lone Ranger/Rangerette”. Even though I have much to be grateful for, there are times I feel like I just need to wallow in my grief or emotional pain at this point and time in my life–and that’s OK.
Because here’s the deal: “Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.” ~Vironika Tugaleva
She went on: “Feel it. It’s going to hurt. But every moment you’re sobbing, you’re doing the work. Every moment you’re hurting, you’re healing.”
As Robert Frost observed: “The only way out is always through.”
This seems different for many. For possibly the first time in our grieving process, we aren’t being told to gloss over our feelings with a coat of rose-colored paint or bury them. Instead we’re being encouraged to feel our pain in its entirety. Through Vironika’s eyes, our pain is valid and productive—a necessary step on our journey toward healing.
Her direct acknowledgement of our suffering is the permission we need to truly feel our emotional pain instead of avoid it. Instead of worrying that we weren’t trying hard enough to be happy—instead of worrying that we are taking “too long” to heal—we can feel like we are doing everything to the best of my ability–and that is as it should be.
What’s the alternative you may ask? Potentially creating trapped emotions that ultimately may cause health concerns. (See my blog articles regarding ‘Trapped Emotions’ related to “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson and how these can quite easily be released.)
I’m thankful this work can be done in a number of ways to help avert trapped emotions –through music, journaling, meditation, a walk in nature to name a few–whatever works for your soul’s journey. And then we’ll be more open for experiencing the joys in our lives as well. Some of my current gratitudes:
SpaceX’s capsule successfully blasted off Saturday and then docked with the International Space Station, bringing the company’s first crew to the orbiting outpost. What a wonderful diversion, giving us a sense of hope for our future.
Countless communities came together to clean up and repair businesses and store fronts suffering from this country’s racial unrest.
Our new therapy pet, Mocha (even though our 2 yo adopted Beagle periodically leaves us special presents) has boundless energy and love–helping us stay in the present moment.
Making new comfort foods to share (i.e. different soups and learning to make sourdough bread starter)
Learning new technologies to connect with my Rotary, support groups and family
Last but not least, Corona jokes: If there’s a baby boom nine months from now, what will happen in 2033? There will be a whole bunch of quaranteens.
Warriors, let’s continue to feel it to heal it–blooming with grace and compassion–one day at a time. Progress not perfection.
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