Honoring Our Grief

Recently my sister-in-law and I connected by phone and yucked it up per usual during our special time, however, unlike our pre-pandemic visits, we now voice our worries about a…

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Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

How's that for a philosophy on life--four simple words, one profound statement. You probably recognize it as a popular worldwide hit song by American musician Bobby McFerrin produced in 1988--one…

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Uncommon Gratitude

In this season of Thanksgiving it’s often easy to sing praises and gratitude for the usual things like the Universe/God, peace, health, life, family and friends. But how do we…

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Forgiveness–a Link to Better Natural Sleep?
Lovely young woman peacefully sleeping in her bed

Forgiveness–a Link to Better Natural Sleep?

Question--What does holding a grudge have in common with caffeine, drinking alcohol, and a room that’s too warm or bright? They’re all things that could potentially impact our sleep quality.…

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