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Lisa Weinrib, M.D., is a Holistic Health Care Practitioner who promotes wellness by using her intuitive gifts to guide patients and practitioners on their personal healing journey. The individual is assisted in recognizing blocks that may be preventing wellness in any area of the body, mind or soul. In a nurturing and supportive environment, Dr. Weinrib intuitively explores and addresses the client’s specific issues, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, or relational. By connecting to higher consciousness and awareness, she is able to identify negative cellular memories and programming that are part of the subconscious mind and help release them. She also assists in activating the innate healing ability of the body. Dr. Weinrib intuitively provides simple but effective recommendations that may include diet, supplements, meditation instruction, suggested reading, or specific affirmations. Her intuitive counseling fully complements a patient’s ongoing medical care.

Patients are intuitively provided affirmations which promote positive thinking and are given guidance on meditation. Her intuitive counseling is fully complementary with ongoing medical care. The patient is required to communicate all recommendations to his or her physician. Dr. Weinrib’s goal is to keep the instructions simple but very effective. Most patients find their own intuition to be enhanced and become more trusting of their own inner wisdom.

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