Dr. Lisa Weinrib

Dr. Lisa’s knowledge and experience with a variety of alternative therapies, in combination with her enhanced inner wisdom, led her to develop a highly successful method of guiding and empowering individuals to manifest complete life changing and positive experiences.

About Dr. Lisa:

Dr. Lisa, who is board certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology, initially had a conventional medical practice in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. She trained other physicians in geriatrics and rheumatology at Maricopa Medical Center.  She eventually became dissatisfied with treating only her patients’ symptoms and not getting to the root of their conditions, so she began investigating alternative health practices and remedies.  After having a life-changing spiritual awakening, her intuition flourished and she developed practices that heal people on a soul level.  With that healing in place, physical problems and life conditions can be greatly improved or cured. 

Dr. Lisa has been doing intuitive healing since 2000.  She worked at the A.R.E. (www.edgarcayce.org) Clinic in Phoenix until it closed.  In 2019 she and co-author Gretchen Douthit published Healing the Soul: An Intuitive MD’s Prescription for Health and Wholeness, detailing her healing work and giving readers techniques they can use to heighten their intuition and heal themselves.


Personal life

She was born on Christmas Day and grew up on Long Island.  She married a nice Norwegian Lutheran, and they split their time between Scottsdale and the northern woods of Minnesota. They have two adult daughters and a friendly Jack Russell Terrier.


She majored in psychology at the University of Michigan, went to medical school at New York Medical College, did her internal medicine training in Arizona, and completed specialized training in rheumatology at USC/ LAC medical center. 

Healing Work

She deals with a wide range of physical, emotional, financial, relationship, spiritual and life purpose issues in her individual sessions.  She has also worked extensively with groups on similar issues.  An ideal group size is 14 – 20 people.


Healing the Soul

Dr. Lisa believes that chronic conditions will not be healed until a person’s soul is healed.  Some openness to the possibility of past lives is necessary for her healing work to be effective, as well as belief in a greater spiritual reality beyond the 3-dimensional world we live in.  A person doesn’t have to have total belief in past lives to work with Dr. Lisa – just an openness to the idea that that is a possibility.  

To learn more about the book and read an excerpt from it, click on the website link below:

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New Release

Explore Dr. Lisa's Book

Healing the Soul describes how Dr. Lisa gave up her traditional medical practice to become a holistic intuitive healer.  By addressing soul issues that have persisted from past, present, or future lives, she has obtained amazing results in healing people of chronic conditions ranging from physical problems to financial issues to finding their life purpose. The book contains testimonials from many clients she has helped, specific information about her healing techniques, and listings of various remedies readers can use for their own healing.  

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