1. What is a medical intuitive?
A medical intuitive is typically someone who does not have medical training but is able to use their intuition, inner wisdom, or psychic ability to identify what is physically wrong with the person. This may be done without examining the patient, asking them any questions, or even having them present.
2. What is holistic healing?
Holistic healing incorporates the understanding that body, mind and soul are all interdependent. An unresolved emotional issue can lead to a chronic physical ailment, while a structrual physical problem can prevent the flow of energy that facilitates one's emotional and spiritual growth. A practitioner utilizes many types of alternative therapies in order to restore balance to the being as a whole.
3. How is Dr. Weinrib's work different from that of other holistic practitioners?
Dr. Weinrib has the advantage of having conventional medical training along with highly developed intuitive skills. This allows her to intuitively see what blocks an individual may have to healing and removing them energetically. She then intuitively determines what further alternative therapies will be the most effective. Dr. Weinrib addresses the complete person--she works on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relationship issues in her sessions.
4. Can anyone benefit from her technique?
Dr. Weinrib has found that individuals who benefit most are those who are open-minded regarding spirituality, who realize that the technique is not challenging their religious beliefs, and who allow themselves to temporarily let go of the control of linear thinking in order to eliminate negative cellular memories that are preventing forward progress in their lives. Those who take an active role in the process benefit most.
5. How many sessions will I need?
Some patients only require one session, but the average is three. The sessions usually are six weeks to three months apart. The number of sessions is determined by the scope of what the person wants to work on and their readiness to release old patterns.
6. How long is a session?
Sessions typically are 75 minutes in duration. An individual may start working on a physical issue and then decide in the next session that they want to work on emotional issues. Each visit requires an in-depth analysis.
7. What will I notice during a session?
Some patients feel warmth, tingling, or energy moving in different parts of the body. Some will feel lighter, like a big burden has lifted. When low-vibration energy is released you may yawn, cough, sigh, burp, or cry. Generally most patients notice a subtle but gradual improvement in overall well-being.
8. Are any recommendations required after a session?
Patients are given very simple and powerful instructions. These may include affirmations, healing words, meditation instructions, and optimal water intake. The patient sometimes is guided as to what diet or supplements may be needed and to discuss this with their provider.
9. Are there any books that would be helpful?
Dr. Weinrib occasionally recommends certain books that assist in self-healing, releasing limiting beliefs, or assisting in positive thinking.
10. Will Dr. Weinrib’s technique and recommendations interfere with my medicine?
Dr. Weinrib works with the energy of the body and does not touch the body. Any recommendations such as herbs or supplements should always be discussed with the provider to insure that there are no interactions.
11. Are Dr. Weinrib's visits covered by medical insurance?
Sessions are not covered by health insurance. Most individuals address their issues quickly. Dr. Weinrib’s goal is to teach patients to trust their own inner wisdom as to when another follow-up session would be beneficial.